Lithium Stand-Alone Off-Grid Solutions

Lithium Off-grid Stand-Alone Package

From $18,900+GST

All-in-One Package | Panels | Lithium Batteries | Inverters
Lithium Off-Grid Solar Starter Package includes:
BYD – Lithium 10kw Battery

BYD 10kw lithium battery is a sleek and stylish solution that is perfect for the average sized Australian off-grid household. It has high cycle life and 95.7% DOD, 10 years warranty. Very small footprint and no maintenance is required for BYD off-grid battery.

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Austria SMA Sunnny Island 6.0KW Off-grid Inverter

German engineering and made in Austria, the SMA Sunny Island off-grid inverter is impervious to fine desert sand, high humidity in rain-forest significant temperature fluctuations, and salty mist in coastal regions, even in critical situations, the off-grid system will keep running safely.

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Austria SMA Sunny Boy 5.0KW Inverter

The Sunny Boy 5.0kw the world’s most installed residential string inverter. High system design flexibility: suitable for more module types and complicated rooftops. Compact and lightweight design <16KG. Integrated webserver for easy commissioning and local monitoring.

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6.6KW Tier 1 Brand 24pcs Solar Panels

Wide Range of Tier 1 solar panel choices, including HT-SAAE, Longi, Canadian Solar, Jinko etc. Our in-house full-time CEC accredited electrician will make sure your system is installed in most efficient layout. We pay a lot attentions to details and we believe do it once, do it right.

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Future-proof System – Battery can be upgrade to 40KW (Optional)

BYD’s modular architecture means households get a storage solution that’s exactly what they need. The modularity of the BYD Battery also provides flexibility and the capability for the homeowner to add additional storage at a later date.

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Optional Auto kick-in Generator Backup Capability (Optional)

Generators are recommended for off-grid systems with lithium-ion standalone system. We have both petrol and diesel generators. We will recommend the most cost-efficient unit for your needs, ensuring compatibility and minimizing the risk of the power outage.

Lithium Off-grid VS Lead Acid Gel Battery

Lithium Battery

Longer Life – 95% Depth of Discharge 6000+ Cycle life | 20 years life span

Safe & Mature technology – with internal cut-off protection & cooling system

Less Expensive – In terms of lifespan & No maintenance cost

Futureproof: Increase capacity anytime by adding more batteries

Lead Acid Battery

No more than 50% DOD recommended, 50% Depth of Discharge 4000+ Cycle life | 5-7 years life span

Need Good Ventilation in case over-discahrge | All links need to be torqued properly for eaquly loads

Bigger foot-print and heavier, sensitive to temperature

Can not be flattened, warranty will void for flattened Gel battery